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Sume is committed to create the best digital experience for you

Display of Stock Market Quotes

Largest Data Store

  • 16 Trillion Location Observations

  • 5 Billion monthly active mobile devices worldwide

  • Analyzing 800,000 QPS Ads transactions each second

  • 5 years historical data on "special request" get a quote...

  • 6 Data Center around the world in different continents.


Pro System Services

  • The Pro System is the most advanced digital control panel that analyze your data, Our machine learning, and AI also will allow you to find the perfect audience. 

  • ​Our tech team will assist your company to find the best exchange channels for your market.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 5.05.57 PM.png

Pro System Plans

  • Implementation for server to server API

  • For Quote on special small countries 

  • Training your entire company availability check with our sales department

  • Additional features for built to suit features request quote

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 8.44.45 PM.png

Publishing Insertion

  • Download our publishing insertion order form.

  • You will find the different formats for publishing ads.

  • Display Banner

  • Native Ads

  • Required Assets

  • Video Ads

  • Landing Page 


Data on Demand

  • Request historical app data on demand

  • 1,2 3, up to 5 years historical data

  • Special profiling for a special massive campaign

  • Special Exchanges negotiations

  • Special Reports

  • Request Quote 

  • Lets us make your company the best publisher! 

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 10.05.03

Omni Channel

  • We offer our clients the unique proprietary omni channel system for customer service, that allows operators to attend clients through our omni channel your company can centralize all communications, email, Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceBook, SMS, voice for: 

  •  sales, customer service or support

  • Aggregating add value to your business

Terms and Conditions:

Customer hereby orders from hubzity International, LTD. the Services described in this order form (“Order Form”) and the Terms and Conditions (as this term Is

defined herein, the service terms and conditions of the hubzity International, LTD. service as appear in Annex A below, the creative policy attached hereto as Annex B.

The governing law shall be the laws of the state of Ireland, and the venue shall be the applicable courts in Ireland.

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