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B2B Community

Become part of the SuMe community

The robust and complete analytics of the hubzity Pro System, designed for big companies in need of massive publishing digital ads.

We encourage you to Contact us and see our plans and capabilities that no other solution can provide.

contact us at: and let us know about your plans to use the Pro System control panel, we will assist your company through the entire time. 

We have two options to operate our Pro System:

Web Interface 

Server-to Server API Implementation

Our team will happily assist you step by step and with one of our experts driving you the entire time of implementation and training and will set a time and date with you to schedule our 2 day two hours for training session. We will help you all the way! Your company can enjoy the freedom to become the biggest Ad and web publisher.

B2B Digital Community

Be a part of the successful digital community that is leading the world...

  1. Request a Package

  2. ​Plan your massive digital campaign and identify your target audience in real-time with our hyper-local app behavior, use the precise profiling tools, ranging from .05 km. up to an entire country territory geo fencing.

  3. Submit your Ads in our proprietary AI automatic Digital Ad high scale real time bidding system, for a fraction of what you paid using social media and the 900k plus apps that accept ads from us including TikTok.

  4. Publish within seconds to the most effective media spaces processed by our proprietary machine learning algorithms and reach the maximum exposure in record time and at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Monitor reports and insights to improve or retarget your audience.

  6. Highest Conversion Rating 

  7. Our B2B offers the most advanced Omni-Channel Social Media and WhatsApp customer service system that allows your company to procure the best customer satisfaction and sales.

  8. It's that easy! Join hubzity and be part of the B2B Community that is changing the world of business.​

Digital Community

At SuMe our goal is to make your digital community a happier place.  

SuMe offers you technology that enhances capabilities to discover the app user behavior without knowing the profile name or personal information, the algorithms work on apps behavior, not on people's behavior, analyze small information on apps without knowing their profile.

This is important because manny think that by breaking the privacy and obtaining personal information they obtained the best match, it is important to understand the digital community and privacy laws. 

Among millions of app users our platform combines a behavior analytic and history of this app user, not their personal information.

We understand the importance of privacy,  


At hubzity we also understand our client requirements and the profiling is "key" for them to find the perfect match audience for their business.

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