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Think Billion times Audience!

The New Digital Marketing, Publishing Technology

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We are Sume International, LLC., we assist digital marketing companies that provide brands, Advertising Agencies, and companies offering the best robust advertisement solutions to promote their products and services.

We enable companies and their digital marketing managers to create and take full control of local mobile promotions that drive their clients into businesses, subscribe services or buy products.

We offer a powerful Customer Acquisition solution for digital marketing publicity, that allows you to control for digital media content, we serve through web interface to facilitate our clients operations and monitoring of their digital campaigns, we can also provide server-to-server APIs, and Open RTB bidding system, with the "highest conversion rate" for your successful campaign.


Unlimited Publishing

The new! Pro System provide the following capacities:

Social media + 900k apps audience on "real time" accept our ads.

5 Billion monthly active mobile devices worldwide on our system.

Digital impression mapping worldwide on real time...

1 month historical app data behavior up to 5 years on demand.

Higher "Conversion Rate" 700% vs competitors
RTB real time bidding ad for apps within seconds.

While other solutions are focused on bulk data, we offering the Pro System that delivers amazing capabilities producing comprehensive interactive real-time geo mapping data processing that brings millions of imprints for your company, like no other solution in the market.

iOS & Android fully functional for access to publish your ads.

Analyzing 800,000 QPS Ads transactions per second!

5 years historical data on Demand.

API with server-to-server service.

Highest Rating Conversion

Targeting audience in real-time will produce millions of impressions for your company within seconds from publishing, creating a bigger and higher rating conversion of CPA cost per acquisition for your digital campaigns. 

Power of Publishing at scale & Accuracy

Find your perfect match audience by changing parameters in our proprietary algorithms and publish within seconds watch results & insights to improve or retarget audience. 

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